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Create your own beautiful  painting!


Choose & print the Image desired in our Outline Printables section of our online store. Use the graphite paper & pencil to outline your work & then use the attached paint set to paint your masterpiece - just use a wet brush to grab color from the watercolor paint cakes.

Its a great, hands on gratifying process of starting from  the outline process & ending up with a gorgeous masterpiece. 


All our watercolor canvases kits come with a basic watercolor paint set, with the option to purchase acrylic paint cups seperately.


It also comes with: 

1 - Canvas Panel (8x10) 

1 - Graphite tracing  paper

1 - #2 Pencil to outline drawing,

1 - Plastic apron,

1 - Cup

1 - Painters towel. 


PLEASE NOTE: Style of paint set may vary based on product availability.

Makes a great gift for all ages, and fun as a party favor too! Buy multiple kits and have a paint party! See links below for bulk orders :)

Feel free to use any kind of paints - acrylic, watercolor, or even colored pencil - if you'd rather use your own than the attached set. 

Pre Outlined Canvas Only ( Starts at $5 / Sizes Vary )