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Your Art, Your Way

At Unwind & Design Creative Studio, we give you everything you need to develop your craft. Our Art Studio is full of creative and innovative educators who are waiting for you to come in so you can begin exploring your creativity.

(Look below for examples of event setups.)

Large Event Availability
Unwind & Design Studio
Traveling Studio
Humble Farmer Venue
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We started our project in 2016 and have been creating art and forming artists as well as gathering educators to develop fun activities and classes ever since. We strive to provide activities for the community in every medium art has to offer.

Everyone, artist or not, needs a space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. At Unwind & Design Creative Studio, we understand this well, which is why we provide this space for our guests of all ages and levels. All artistic expression is allowed in this Creative Studio, so please stop by today!

Couples Classes
Traveling Studio
Weekly Adult Painting Classes
For All Ages
1 on 1 Art Classes
Beginners Sewing Class
You Choose Your Image
Seamstress work
Cake Decorating
Sketchbook Drawing
Leather tooling
Woodshop & Design
Kitty Corner
Water Color Techniques
Dessert Decorating
Childrens Crafts and Snacks
Essential Oils Workshop
Private Kids Painting Classes
Craft Night
Job Building Workshops
Childrens Crafts and Snacks
Music Lessons
Reading & Crafting Corner
Chalkboard for Kids
Holiday Themed Workshops & Events at our
IV Desert Museum Coiled Clay
Water Color & Wine
Buttercream cupcake/cake decorating 2 da
Technical Drawing
Jewelry Making Workshop
Today's Lil Fashionistas Workshop
Weekly Kids Art Classes
Paint Your own Furniture Peace
Classes at local restaurant venues
Expressionist Art
Dream catcher workshop
Reserve our location for a party
Wood Sign Workshop
Paper flower Workshop
Comic Art Workshops


Discover the art in you.

At Unwind & Design Creative Studio, we understand the importance of creative support in a person's life. Our online & physical community serves as an educational branch and support system for all who visit our Art Studio.


We’re dedicated to our guests and we provide them with the appropriate training and tools they need to succeed within the courses, workshops and activities we provide. We enjoy introducing newcomers to art and education. We look forward to assisting our students in refining their  techniques.



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